The Oro Valley Town Council is intending on moving forward with a motion to annex, re-zone, and create master developments in the TANGERINE (Moore – Thornydale) and BIG WASH (Moore – Rancho Vistoso).

Step One…  Email Oro Valley City Planning

Mr Spaeth will be expected to present the Oro Valley Town Council, citizen’s letters/emails regarding the land annexation of Arizona state land to a master planned community.  He will submit, to the council, all letters/emails that are FOR or AGAINST the proposal.

The Town of Oro Valley
Attn: Michael Spaeth

Step 1 : Please include the Oro Valley amendment numbers, OV1701699  OV1701068

Step 2 :  CC:, to make sure Michael Spaeth is held accountable in front of the Town Council.

Example of the header of your email should look like this


An example letter.

Mr Spaeth,

As a property owner in Oro Valley and a home owner near Coyote Crossing/Thornydale & Tangerine, I OPPOSE the proposed development of state land at Thornydale & Tangerine.Oro Valley is over-developing and will soon lose the reasons so many people move there. We moved to this area to get away from the city and have land, wildlife, and open desert areas! It saddens me to see the continued development. It is too much and needs to stop. Nothing is going to be left!

Thank you,

Step Two…   Attend the Town Council Meeting

Meeting time is from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Step Three…   Contact Our Congress Representatives and Town Representatives

The following are the phone numbers and email addresses to our congress representatives.

Please call and email them our concerns regarding the increased development and destruction of the desert area and wildlife.

Representative Vince Leach 602-926-3106
Representative Mark Finchem 602-926-3112
Senator Steve Smith 602-926-5685

The following are the phone numbers and email addresses to our town representatives.

Interim Town Manager Daniel G. Sharp 520-229-4714
Mayor Satish I. Hiremath, D.D.S. 520-229-4991