Big Wash and Honey Bee Wash land parcels have been on the books since the beginning of Rancho Vistoso. However, it is one of the last parcels of land to be considered under development in the Rancho Vistoso area.

Tucson is the bee capital of the United States. There are 500 – 700 species of bees within a 100 mile radius. There are only two other places on earth that have similar densities of bees, which is in South Africa and Israel.

Against popular belief, most bees are not in bee hives above ground, they are burrowed in the ground between 3″ inches to 6′ feet. If the ground is dug up with housing development, there won’t be any place for the bees to go.

If we continue to develop and dig up the nests and spray pesticides, we will destroy our wild bees.

The proposed development by the applicant, WLB Group Inc, for re-zoning, includes two areas of medium to high-density homes.  From the figure below, the plan on paper looks on the order of 350 to 400 new homes. However, it is zoned such that even more homes could be placed in these areas.

See the details in the project fact page on town of Oro Valley’s website.