Common questions people have are the following.

Why Join Save The

By being part of the email list, we can mobilize and execute things quickly.

The deadlines to turn over a decision made by the town council can be as little as 30 days. Being part of (STC) community, we can coordinate actions quickly. There are specific compliance guidelines that make this difficult if people are not already organized and together in one place.

That is why it is important to join Save The

We are not selling any information or distributing any email information either. The list is discrete so no one else is able to view that you are a member or will have access to your email. We will hold your information most private.

Who can participate?

Everyone that lives in the area from Interstate-10 to State Highway 77 (Oracle Road), north of Linda Vista Blvd, north of Overton, north of Hardy, all have a vested interest in preserving of our desert community.

The land that we are currently trying to save is Arizona State land. All Pima County residents in this area have a vested interest and have a say in how this land is to be used.

How can I (we) help?

  1. Educate your neighbors
  2. Join Save The Cactus Organization
  3. Email Michael Spaeth at Oro Valley Planning
  4. Attend Neighborhood Meetings
  5. Email Our State Representatives
  6. Spread the Word to Other People in the Community
  7. Print and hand out flyers


Why is this happening?

According to LOVE, Let Oro Valley Excel , “One might think that Hiremath-Hornat-Snider-Waters must be really popular with the citizens when their campaign signs are nearly the size of billboards. But is it the citizens who are bankrolling these huge signs to help keep them in office? Not likely. Their 2014 re-election campaign was funded 80 percent by developers and builders and only 20 percent by Oro Valley citizens. ”

In addition this land usage can be changed to allow development, the developers will buy it at auction.  OV will get one time development impact fees as well as any building permit fees, etc.