There are two Arizona State land parcels at the Tangerine and Thornydale area. Oro Valley has been attempting to annex “Tangerine 550” for quite some time. However, the Pygmy Owl was listed to be endangered in this area until recently. The expiration of the Pygmy Owl endangerment has allowed renewed interest of land developers in these land parcels.

In part of the annexation process, the State of Arizona has come back to Oro Valley to consider including “Tangerine 321” in the annexation deal. This requires that Oro Valley include “Tangerine 321” in Oro Valley’s General Plan and select a particular level of zoning.

Oro Valley is in the pre-stages of annexation by attempting to amend the Oro Valley General plan to include “Tangerine 321” zoned as a Master Planned Community, which by definition can include a vast range of uses including high density single family residences, as well as commercial and office uses, condominium, and multi-family housing including apartments.

There are wildlife game trails that traverse these areas. Disturbing these lands is only going to continue to scatter and isolate our remaining wildlife in this desert area.