We are the residents and land owners of Oro Valley and Marana and we are incredibly concerned.  Most home owners came to the Oro Valley and the Dove Mountain area to get away from the city and enjoy the rustic charm of the desert.

The damage to the desert area will be irreparable. The Saguaro Cactus takes 70 years to grow just one arm and once these areas get bladed, the beauty of the desert never really returns. The damage to the wild life is horrendous. Most of the wild life will be impacted that they have no where to live. Our next generation will not be able to see the Pygmy Owl , Javelinas and many other animals that call this place their home (see Gallery).

This proposed residential development will lead more business development. This will include more grocery stores, more gas stations, more strip malls, etc. In addition, the proposed residential development will put increased strain on the water systems, roads, public service , eg police and fire, as well as add to traffic commute times.

The town of Oro Valley will benefit from a one time development impact fees. However, the desert landscape and wildlife come at a incredible cost.

It’s time we DO something.